TALKS x Simone Moelle

Recently, we sat down with complete boss lady, Simone Moelle who decided to quit her high profile job and follow her dreams. As Simone is someone who inspires us, we wanted to know what inspires her, what she hopes to achieve and what she plans for the future. Read the interview below. 

Could you tell the readers who you are & what you do?

 Hi! I’m Simone and I’m a girl in my late 20’s living the dream I up until know didn’t have the guts to follow. I work fulltime with social media, both as an influencer and as a consultant for companies looking to get a more social profile. On the side I am travelling the world with my boyfriend who has just as big a wanderlust as me! We try to visit at least one country a month. Seeing other countries and cultures is something that gives me energy and inspires me a lot in terms of my work!

What was your journey to get at where you are today?

Without me knowing it, I think my path to be where I am today already started when I was very young. I’ve always been geeky and wanted to test new things out e.g. social media platforms. And so I was very early on Facebook. I have always been fascinated by these channels from a business perspective, so when I started a fashion blog in 2007 it was not because I was into fashion but because I saw it as a business tool. If we flash forward some years, I got a Master from the IT-University of Copenhagen with a main focus on Social Business and soon after I landed a job as the CMO in a cool influencer analytics company called, Woomio. I worked there for 1 1/2 until I decided to quit and do what I do know.  

How do you become good at networking at what does it mean for your brand?

I have always been an introvert person so networking has taken me many years to master! It still doesn’t come natural to me but I think it was just about going out and doing it! I may have come across as a bit of a weirdo in the beginning but if you have a subject you are passionate about, my best advice is to start meeting up with people in your same niche to talk! Coffee meetings are great to start your networking career, because it really is everything! Everything I have today is something I can thank my network for!  

What do you hope your work achieves or evokes in people?

I hope that it inspires people. Whether I talk to influencers or businesses or my audience on social media, my main focus has always been to inspire. Whether that be to travel more, have a different business objective or dare to follow your career dreams. 

What are three things/people/places that inspire you?

My boyfriend (@daysofmrgray) inspires me a lot both on a personal and career oriented level. He’s the number one reason that I started to follow my dreams of living the life I want. I also get inspired when I go for a walk! Sometimes the best way to regain your focus or getting new ideas is by going for a walk. I love listening to podcasts! Listening to people in my industry and hear how they do things are such a great inspiration! I cannot state enough how important it is for your own self development to keep learning new things about the niche you are in!  


Any exciting trips planned within the next year?

Oh yes! So far I have 3: One to Madeira, one to the Faroe Islands and one major trip that I cannot reveal yet! 

What does traveling mean to you?

Traveling means that I get humble and broaden my horizon! I think it is easy to get very narrow minded when you live in your little safe bubble in Denmark. We are told that we are the happiest country, the smartest, the most unique with most “hygge”… But are we really that? Another thing I love about travelling is the shared memories it gives. My boyfriend and I have had many great experiences, and watched great scenaries where we were the only 2 people there. It is hard to explain but that feeling is almost like an addiction to us now!  

Where do you see the Simone Moelle brand in 3 years?

 I hope to merge my two great passions for business and travel even more! How that will look like… I’m not sure yet!

What is one important lesson you learned in the last year?

That success doesn’t happen over night! I am an impatient girl by nature but you can’t really be that working with social media!  

Any tips for young entrepreneurs who wants to be become successful at using social media?

Read everything you can about the subject before you start (or hire someone like me) because there is no room for doing anything half on social media! Have a strategy in place, and measure regularly if you are growing or not. Now, social media is all about engaging with people so expect to spend a least 2-3 hours a day doing so!




Check out Simone's blog and Instagram profile.