With winters being so dark up here in Denmark sunlit days become somewhat of a national holiday. For us photographers winters are a time of struggle.

I wanted to visit Frederiksberg based Acacia since it's re- opening and were very happy to do so on a sunlit Saturday. Big windows, marble tables and a full rainbow palette food selection.

I think it's a combination of a perfectly curated instagram feed, marble table tops, spotless late art on those coffee collective lates and attention to detail with all their (vegan) dishes that draw visitors from all over making Acacia one of the coolest brunch spots in Copenhagen. One thing however stood out to me more than all the above. The approach of the owners. They are a very sweet mother daughter duo and in a way they embody that slow living approach in the best way possible. You wait for your mint tea to brew just right, you wait for your brunch to be served because good food takes time. Nothing is rushed and everything is served with a smile and kindness. You won't beat that.

xxx Bee



Our order consisted of the buckthorn butter squash pancakes, citrus salad & chia pudding and we can highly recommend!